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Dear Cathy

I wanted to write to let you know how excellent I found the finger guard that I ordered for my daughter this summer. She has sucked her forefinger since birth (in fact could be seen sucking it on my 20 week scan!) and had caused damage to her teeth and finger. Two dentists had insisted she stopped but neither gave any practical solutions. We had tried persuasion & rewards but the habit was so instinctive, she found it impossible and we had all run out of ideas.  As she was about to start school, I really wanted to help her and then came across your website.

The Fingerguard looked like it might be uncomfortable or unwieldy but it was neither and very quickly Nell got used to wearing it and could play, draw, and write as normal. Although we got a bit tired of people asking her how she’s hurt it, she was quite happy wearing the guard and enjoyed choosing the coloured wristbands each day.She wore it around the clock for two weeks and then we experimented with increasing periods of not wearing it until she only put it on at night. After just 4 weeks she didn’t need to wear it at all and two months on has not sucked her finger once, even when anxious or tired when I might have expected a lapse. In fact once, just after she stopped wearing it, she put her finger up to her mouth but straight away realised what she was doing and said laughing ‘Mummy I nearly put my finger in my mouth!’ and stopped, not wanting or needing to suck it. The habit has been completely broken and much more quickly and easily that we had even hoped for.

I can’t remember ever having been moved to write a testimonial for a product before but would be more than happy for you to use this review if it will help anyone else wondering whether to buy it. I’ll certainly be recommending it to our dentist as well!

Many thanks

Louise W