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I would like to say a huge thanks to Thumb guard. My daughter sucked her thumb from approx 18months – 61/2. During the school holidays this year she seemed to suck it constantly. We made the decission to purchase the Thumb Guard at the end of August , as we had tried all other options.

My daughter was very excited when it arrived and wanted to put it on straight away. She played all day at the park and did not complain once. Unfortunately when it came close to bed time she had a huge tantrum and demanded we take it off. She was so upset we gave in but said it must go back on the next day, to which she agreed. The next day we had a good chat about whether she wanted to stop and she said she did. So back on went the thumbguard. Unfortunately the next week she managed fine during the day but every night managed to pull it off . We kept going and put a plaster on her finger under the thumb guard for a couple of nights which stopped her being able to bend her finger and pull it of. After three nights we did not need to do this as the urge to pull it off seemed to go.

She wore it constantly for 3 weeks when she asked if she could take it of during the day. I was amazed she did not return to sucking her thumb. After a further week we removed it at night also still no thumb sucking.

She is so proud of her self she keeps telling everyone how she managed to stop, and also recommending to other childrens mums to buy it for their children!!

I can’t say ho impressed I am after 5 years of thumb sucking battles for it to be gone in 3-4 weeks it is amazing.