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Thank you for having a chat on the phone a few moments ago.

My daughter no longer sucks her thumb!!!!!!!!!  (Nor twiddles her hair!) She had sucked her thumb and twiddled her hair since she was 18 months old – 3 and a half years!  She wore ThumbGuard for two and a half weeks in total.

She was so excited about receiving the package, we wore it straight away.  That was Saturday morning and she wore a turquoise strap to match her dancing uniform.  We anticipated that people would ask her “What have you done to your thumb?” (which she did get a bit fed up with after a week), but she was proud to state that “This will help me stop sucking my thumb!”   We decided to colour-coordinate the straps, and when she went to school, she wore colours that matched in with her uniform!

The school were a little worried, when she turned up with it on her thumb, as they thought it would interfere with writing, getting changed into PE kit, etc.  But the first day at school with it on was fine (she just needed some help with doing up buttons).  Other parents were interested in it and even the teachers (for their own children) – I did say they come in “big” sizes for older children and teenagers!

The teacher also suggested that we tied my daughter’s two plaits behind her head in a pony-tail to avoid twiddling hair, as she used to thumb suck and twiddle hair in unison.  Well the hair twisting also stopped.

It’s now been about six weeks since she stopped.  We haven’t had any messages from school to say she has been caught thumb-sucking or hair-twiddling…, it’s obviously still working.

Anyway thanks for helping us out.  Have a great Christmas and Habit-breaking New Year!!!!!!